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How To Deal With Wage Hour Disputes in California

As an employee, every job that you do deserves the proper recognition and pay, no matter what the amount is. What is unfortunate, however, is that many employers and companies try to take away what is yours immorally. Things like these can happen to anyone, and it’s really heartbreaking. For this reason, you should be aware of the legal actions you can take in case something similar happens to you. Wage disputes are not a minor issue and need immediate action. Get the help of an attorney for wage disputes if you are in a similar situation. Here are some common things that could lead to a wage dispute. 

Not paid for overtime:

Sometimes employees are forced to work extra hours but are not compensated fairly for their time and efforts considering the amount of time they invest in doing that work. Things like this are unethical and a form of wage theft. Companies and employers can be very sly sometimes, and they often do this in the hopes that no one will notice or raise concerns about such practices. 

It's truly unfortunate when you put in countless hours of work even when you have a break or holiday just because you need to complete a project within a set timeline. Such expectations from employees can take a toll on them. Moreover, they are employees, not slaves. Under no circumstances can a company or employer consider such practices to be normal since you have every right to be paid for your work. There have also been cases where employers often expected their workers to work during breaks or even after signing off, to keep their work off the record. Things like this can also be considered wage theft.

Theft of tips:

It is worth noting that the money employees often make as tips contributes significantly to their income. So, there have been certain cases where employers tried to take a sizable amount from their tips as commission. Some employers can be discreet about trying to pocket the tips. Moreover, employees are sometimes compelled to split tips with coworkers who don't deserve them or deal with unethical tipping practices from their bosses.

Final thoughts:

Do you often have to work overtime but are not paid for it? Or does your boss try to pocket your tips? No matter what situation you are in, a lawyer can help.