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How Can a Law Firm Help You if You Are Dismissed From School?

Academic dismissal or getting dismissed from school can leave a negative mark on your overall academic profile. Students come to educational institutions with a lot of hopes and dreams to pursue the courses that will shape their future. Most of the students do well and achieve the grades as expected by the school. However, there are some students who do not meet the expectations set by the college and perform poorly in their exams. Also, there are some instances where their activity violates the code of conduct of the school. In such cases, the student faces academic dismissal. 

If you are dismissed from school for no fault of your own, you can always take the help of a reputable law firm to appeal dismissal from school. The law firm will help you in the following ways:-

Check the grounds of dismissal: The law firm will check all the facts and grounds of dismissal properly before an appeal to the court of law against your dismissal. They will ensure that the case is valid or not. To determine this, the lawyer will go through the institute’s rule book thoroughly. Many of the terms and conditions mentioned in these rule books use legal language which is not understood by laymen. Therefore, the law firm will take care of this procedure and ensure that there are no loopholes in the case.

Check the underlying causes: Not all academic dismissals are due to the fault of the student. There are some extenuating circumstances that can lead to the poor academic performance of the student, like a family crisis, financial issues, health issues, psychological issues, unexpected death of a family member, or an undiagnosed learning disability of the student. The law firm collects the right documents to present your case in such a manner that you will not face dismissal. They will also gather evidence and present the case in an appealing manner.

Handles the appeal process: The law firm has past experience in handling similar cases. Therefore, they know the entire procedure properly. They will advise you about the whole appeal process and guide you on how to answer the questions put forth by the school’s appeals committee. As the rules vary from college to college, law firms know the commonalities between them. This makes their presence in the appeals case more important. 

Academic dismissal can anger you as a student. However, you can always ask for an in-person appeal or a written appeal to reconsider your enrollment. Having a law firm by your side will increase your chances of being granted an appeal. This will help you get your normal life back.