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Top Ways to Increase Your Lawyer SEO Rank

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the best way for lawyers to generate leads online and find new clients. You can maximize your website's visibility online by using SEO-proven techniques such as content creation that positions you as an experienced expert in the legal field. Remember that 75% of clients never browse past the first page of Google results, so you should aim to appear on the first page of google results.

SEO is essential for your professional website since it can help you generate more leads to convert to revenue, boost organic traffic,  and remain competitive in the legal industry. That said, here are some top ways to boost your lawyer SEO ranking.

Conduct a keyword research

Do not try to simply rank for a keyword such as attorney or lawyer. Conduct extensive keyword research and analyze keywords for commercial intent in your industry. Keywords with commercial intent tend to rank easily and convert at a higher rate because you target clients looking for services, not just information.

For instance, keywords such as 'personal injury lawyer Florida' or 'can I sue an insurance company' are advantageous than ranking for 'attorney.' 

Prioritize keywords with high volume but low competition,  produce better content than everyone else and ensure you satisfy search engine and user intent as well.

Website optimization

Website optimization is one of the essential steps to boosting your SEO ranking. You may have good content, but it is all in vain if your website is not user-friendly and responsive. First, focus on your SEO site structure. Your content should be logically organized in that clients can quickly see the information they need.

Secondly, optimize URLs. Depending on the keyword research, employ the keywords in each URL on your website without over-usage. Avoid keyword stuffing as it hurts your SEO rather than boosting it.

Page speed

According to Google, a page that delivers the slowest experience to users is negatively impacted. Keep in mind that site visitors are always impatient, and if your website speed is slow, they leave the page immediately and head on to the next search result. Again, if your pages are slow to load, you will be hit with less visibility on the search engine. So, ensure your site is fast and responsive to enhance the user's experience.

Content creation

Besides your professional home page, what else do you have to offer on your website? As a lawyer, it is best to have a landing page that outlines all the legal services you offer, which links to individual pages for your specialties. For instance, you can have a page that describes your law firm in general and link out to a page that explains how you assist people with personal injury claims. Also, if you have several offices in different locations, you should create a landing page that delineates each one of them along with their contacts.

Google maps optimization

Take advantage of google maps optimization to grow your law firm locally. That is by filling out everything about your law firm on the google my business page and then ensure it is well categorized.

The bottom line

Lawyer SEO can be complicated for the inexperienced, but you can work with an expert to utilize the best SEO strategies and boost your ranking.