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Dog Bites at Dog Parks: What You Should Know in New Jersey

Dog parks are great places for dogs to play and socialize, but they can also be dangerous. When you enter dog parks or any public area, there are dog bite statutes that you should remain aware of. If you're bitten by a dog other than your own at the park and don't know what to do next, then it's time to call a dog bite lawyer in New Jersey.

What Goes into a Dog Bite Lawsuit in New Jersey

Dog bite cases in New Jersey favor the victim, especially if the attack took place on public or private property when someone was there lawfully. The value of a New Jersey dog bite lawsuits may consider such factors as:

  • Medical expenses and lost wages incurred by the victim as a result of their dog bite injuries
  • The severity of the bite and the residual physical effect of the attack
  • Additional circumstances surrounding the incident, such as whether the victim intentionally provoked the dog
  • The dog’s breed
  • The effect on the plaintiff

Because of strict liability laws, dog bite victims in New Jersey do not need to prove negligence on the owner’s part in a dog bite case. As soon as someone else’s dog in NJ bites you, you have grounds for a lawsuit. 

If a Dog Bites Someone at a Dog Park in NJ, Who is Liable?

Dogs in New Jersey dog parks are free to play with each other and their owners off-leash, but this does not absolve the dog owner of liability if their dog is overly aggressive and bites someone. Under New Jersey’s dog bite statute, dog owners are still strictly liable for injuries caused by their dogs upon public properties like dog parks.

Anyone bitten by a dog while on public property in New Jersey has the right to pursue compensation. With the help of an experienced lawyer, you can ensure the owner is held accountable for your injuries from a dog bite and better assert your compensation claim.

Contact Experienced NJ Dog Bite Lawyers

Knowing how best to proceed after a dog bite attack in a public park can help you get through this difficult situation. In New Jersey, a personal injury lawyer with a breradth of experience in dog bites knows how to investigate the incident on your behalf and inform you of your legal options if you were injured by a dog bite. Get Your Free Attorney Consultation!